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RF Systems
RF front end design

Understanding the challenges and trade-offs in high-linearity RADAR front ends and high-sensitivity communications RF front ends enables us to specify technically feasible RF requirements.

We design high-performance RF front ends and complete RF transceivers for your specific application with special emphasis on:

– Cascaded phase noise and noise figure

– Aggregated spurious signals

– Overall linearity

– Optimum cost and thermal design

High-speed interface design

Designing analog and digital interfaces for today’s demanding applications requires extensive experience in signal and power integrity.

It allows us to develop high-speed analog and digital interfaces that exhibit not only low bit error rates, but also meet stringent EMC specifications.

In our designs, we pay special attention to:

– Low inter-symbol interference

– Fast and reliable clock and data recovery

– Low jitter and wander generation as well as high jitter and wander tolerance for optimum frequency and time transfer in communication and synchronisation networks

Test signal 2
Test signal design

Testing analog and digital systems with meaningful signals can reduce test time to a minimum, while still checking system performance comprehensively.

We devise analog and digital test signals that can be replayed easily by means of standard signal generators. The proper test signals take the following aspects into account:

– Analog and digital modulation

– Crest Factor CF (or Peak-to-Average Power Ratio PAPR)

– Spectral behavior and time behavior

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